Who’s really destroying the Republican Party?

I first became a conservative by listening to Rush Limbaugh as a teenager, a  habit I picked up from my mother. Those were exciting times, and I remember  Limbaugh, the fiery outsider, supporting renegade Republican Pat Buchanan and  his presidential challenge to incumbent George H.W. Bush in 1992.

Four years later, I supported Buchanan’s 1996 presidential campaign, which  Rush would have no part of, and as the years went by I would continue to support  conservatives who challenged the status quo — while my one-time radio hero  seemed to become more comfortable with it. For the next decade I spent my time  looking for the next Buchanan, while Rush would reflexively defend George W.  Bush and constantly praise Donald Rumsfeld. He even broke his no-interviews rule  for an hour-long interview with Karl Rove.

In 2007, I found my new Buchanan: Ron Paul. After the GOP presidential debate  in Iowa last week, Limbaugh said the following about Paul on his program: “I’m  sorry, but this Ron Paul is going to destroy this party … this is nuts on parade …” Limbaugh criticized Paul’s foreign policy and particularly the Texas  congressman’s hands-off position towards Iran. But Limbaugh did not criticize  the positions taken by the other candidates — many of whom strongly implied that  war with Iran would be necessary to prevent its regime from promoting terrorism  or producing weapons of mass destruction.

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