Vet killed by cops should have been celebrating 96th birthday

johnwranaKilled…by a “non-lethal” bean bag projectile.  Is it just me, or do we keep seeing more and more deaths by “non-letahl” weapons.  And, what kind of cops can’t handle a 96 year old man without resorting to this kind of force.  This is tragic, and another of a growing number of examples of how “officer safety” not “serving and protecting” is the first priority of more and more police departments.
From the article:

John Wrana, just shy of his 96th birthday, was angry and agitated.

We contacted experts who deal with the elderly, to ask them how best to calm down an old man like him.

And not one suggested you’d do it the way Park Forest police did last month:

First jolting him with a Taser, and then following that up by shooting him in the guts with a bean-bag round fired from a shotgun at around 300 feet per second.

Read the entire anger-inducing article here.  For a deeper dive, see Jonathan Turley’s take.

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