Tyranny’s New Tool

The vote today in the Senate is being dubbed a victory against Cap and Trade.  On the surface the vote was simply one to determine who had the rightful authority, if any, to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.  The Obama Administration is borderline obsessed with derailing any traditional Constitutional legislative rules.  The vote today in the Senate was an attempt to prevent the Obama Administration’s end runaround through the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases.
Regulation of gases, which are exhaled by the processes of life by the way, is clearly not a mandated power in the Constitution and the Congress has never granted themselves the authority.  Despite some misconceptions floating out there, the Clear Air Act gave the government the no power over carbon dioxide.  This act was to reduce smog and air pollutants hazardous to human health.

To get around this technicality, for the first time in human history an essential component of all life, carbon dioxide was declared a poisonous gas hazardous to your health by the EPA, bypassing any need for debate or laws passed by a legislative body of elected officials.  Bureaucrats made the call once again.  Plant food was decreed through authoritarian fiat to be a deadly toxin.  Today was a minor victory against the malicious power grabbing central government, but it is far from the end of their attempts to find schemes to tax, control and turn into another derivatives trading pyramid the lifegiving gas of carbon dioxide.

Democratic leaders are scrambling to prevent the Senate from delivering a stinging slap to President Barack Obama on climate change.

They have offered a vote on a bill they dislike in the hopes of avoiding a loss on legislation Obama hates.

The president is threatening to veto a resolution from Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) that would ban the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating carbon emissions.

But if the president were forced to use his veto to prevent legislation emerging from a Congress in which his own party enjoys substantial majorities, it would be a humiliation for him and for Democrats on Capitol Hill.

So Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) and other Democratic leaders are doing what they can to stop it.

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