On Nullification Mark Levin Sounds a Lot Like Rachel Maddow

You want a good litmus test for who really wants to shrink the federal government? Find out if they support state nullification. When push comes to shove, people like the Heritage Foundation, and now Mark Levin, despise Jefferson and Madison’s remedy for federal overreach. These guys WANT big government, as long as it has a capital “R” next to it.

The latest from our friends at the Tenth Amendment Center.

On nullification, Mark Levin, the great one, seems to be auditioning for a job at MSNBC, or maybe Esquire Magazine.

Yesterday, he used some of their leading talking points to attack nullification. Some of their most hysterical ones, that is.

I’ll share more in a moment.

First Mark spent a little time educating you on how nullification is unconstitutional, and how James Madison was supposedly opposed to the idea of states resisting federal acts.

Read the rest here.

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