Libya and the end of Western Illusions

Five months into the bombing campaign, it is no longer possible to believe the initial official version of the events and the massacres attributed to the “Gaddafi regime”.  Moreover, it is now essential to take into account Libya’s legal and diplomatic rebuttal, highlighting the crimes against peace committed by television propaganda,  the war crimes perpetrated by NATO military forces, and the crimes against humanity sponsored by political leaders of the Atlantic Alliance.

ust under half of Europeans still support the war against Libya. Their position is based on erroneous information. They still believe, in fact, that in February the “Gaddafi regime” crushed the protests in Benghazi with brutal force and bombed civilian districts in Tripoli, while the Colonel himself was warning of “rivers of blood” if his compatriots continued to challenge his authority.

During my two months’ investigation on the ground, I was able to  verify that these accusations were pure propaganda intoxication, designed by the NATO powers to create the conditions for war, and relayed around the world by their television media, in particular Al-Jazeera, CNN, BBC and France24.

However, the reader who doesn’t know where he stands on this issue and who – despite the brainwashing of September 11 and Saddam Hussein’s  weapons of mass destruction – is reluctant to accept that the United States, France, the UK and Qatar were actually capable of fabricating such lies, will be able to forge an opinion over time. NATO, the largest military coalition in history, has failed after five months of bombardments to overthrow the one it designated as a “tyrant.” Every Friday, a large demonstration in support of the regime is organized in a different city and all experts are unanimous in considering that Colonel Gaddafi enjoys at least 90% of popular support in Tripolitania and 70% across the entire country, including the “rebel” areas.  These are people who every single day put up with the blockade, aerial bombardments and ground fighting.  Never would they be defending with their flesh and blood someone who committed against them the crimes of which he has been accused by the “international community.” The difference between those in the West who believe that Gaddafi is a tyrant who fired on his own people, and those in Libya who believe that he is a hero of the anti-imperialist struggle, is that the former live in an illusion created by TV propaganda, whereas the others are exposed to the concrete reality on the ground.


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  1. Bob Marshall

    August 19, 2011 at 11:08 am

    This war is a farce. The losers are the people of Libya. gaddafi did something many said couldn’t be done. Turning desert into a paradise. building the largest manmade irrigration system in the world. trying to make his country free of the IMF,Rothschild controlled central bank. made sure every family had a home . he gave part of the royalities recieved from oil sales. created an education system that would make even the US proud. His only problem was going to the gold denar instead of excepting the weaking USD for oil payments. remeber, Saddam was in the process of doing the same. how dare this countries tell the US and NATO they want to keep their oil and natural resourses deprivivg coporate America and the major British and American oil companies out. Starting in 1953 the British and the US have been robbing these countries of their oil and natural resources. Like it or not. Ron Paul has been telling the truth for years. The CIA even admitted they will be blowback.

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