disinformation campaign against the US, Pakistan and Libyan rebels

Wikileaks is like the Hydra of Greek mythology.  You cut off one head, another springs out, even more vicious than the one lying at your feet.  After having waited until the scandal died down, discrediting Wikileaks for its ties to Israeli intelligence and its pattern of using censorship and ‘seeded’ information to serve a pro-war agenda, 700 new documents are released today on “Gitmo.”

At first glance, this is the usual Wikileaks “chickenfeed.”  Yes, everyone knows America tortured prisoners, held innocent men for years and was utterly inept in handling intelligence.  Though tales of sexual humiliation and torture sell newspapers, the information itself was old news years ago.  However, as is usually the case, every Wikileak has a “Wiki-agenda” behind it and this one, as usual, is no exception.

The New York Times was heavily ‘burned” by Wikileaks, having been discredited by Assange’s reporting of censorship of leaked information that was turned over to that publication.  Their report on today’s leak is restrained and cautious.

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