Gaddafi wins more territory back as G8 meets over no-fly zone

Colonel Gaddafi’s forces are pushing the opposition back, reclaiming more and more cities in the rebel-stronghold of the country. Meanwhile, the G8 is assembling in Paris to discuss the imposing of no-fly zone in the revolution-torn country.

­The situation on the ground in Libya is chaotic. The frontline keeps shifting forwards and backwards. The fighting continues,Gaddafi forces attacked the rebel-held town of Zuwarah. But especially hot is in the Eastern part of the country around the town of Brega. There the government forces have been shooting down the rebels’ ammunition and conducting air strikes.

The eyewitnesses report that the town is now firmly in the hands of pro-Gaddafi forces. They are slowly making their way eastward.

The oil port of Brega is a significant acquisition for Gaddafi. It is the latest in the series of set-backs to face the rebel troops who almost a week ago had most of Libya in their hands and were talking of a march to the capital city of Tripoli.

Libya’s opposition may be experiencing defeats, but government troops still appear unsure over their victory, without a plan or anyone to help them stabilize the country.

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