Congress to clandestinely impose Internet dictatorship

Buried in the lead of this article is the fact that Congress is up to their old tricks.  Because it is politically infeasible to pass a takeover of the Internet on merit alone, Congress is attempting to attach the much talked about Internet “kill switch” as a rider to the Senate Defense Bill:

The Senate is considering attaching cybersecurity legislation to a key defense authorization bill as a way to assure passage this year of the measure to reform the way the government safeguards its computer networks and that of key national IT systems, Sen. Thomas Carper, D-Del., said in an interview with

“It’s hard to get a measure like cybersecurity legislation passed on its own,” said Carper, who chairs a Senate subcommittee with cybersecurity oversight.

Read full article here.

An old adage goes something to the effect that acts of altruism are done in the light of day and under intense public scrutiny, nefarious acts are concealed.  Due to the nature of the path Congress is choosing to take in regards to your access to the Internet, what sort of act do you feel this may be?

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