Bill Kristol calls for U.S. ground forces in Libya

The operation to create a no-fly zone in Libya has just begun, but already conservative Fox News pundit Bill Kristol is wishing the U.S. would send in ground troops “sooner rather than later.”

U.S. President Barack Obama said Saturday the “Odyssey Dawn” operation launched under a UN Security Council resolution was a “limited military action,” unlike the regime change aims of the war against Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

He pledged no U.S. troops would be deployed on the ground.

Fox News Chris Wallace asked Kristol Sunday if it was a mistake to limit the mission in Libya.

“Let’s talk about the mission,” Wallace began. “You heard Admiral Mullen, earlier in the show, say his orders are clear: protect the civilians, don’t overthrow Gaddafi. That’s not the point. Is that a mistake? Can we live with Gaddafi in any sort of power? He can create a lot of trouble.”

“No, we cannot leave Gaddafi in power,” Kristol agreed. “And we won’t leave Gaddafi in power.”

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  1. Michael

    March 21, 2011 at 8:54 am

    Wow, Bill Kristol urging the US to get involved in yet another overseas conflict with ZERO US interests at stake.

    How is he still relevant at all? Why does anyone still listen to this hack? I mean really… how wrong on virtually every issue do you have to be?

    It’s time for real conservatives to start stepping up, and first step is banishing pseudo-intellectuals like Billie boy over here back to the Left whence they came.

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